The perfect breakfast would be a different one for every guest. One wants cereal, the other wants crispy bread. Cheese, humus, chocolate, … Healthy or a bit sinful. Allergens, diets, … There is no such thing as a standard breakfast. Serving breakfast is thus a bit of a challenge.

Previous experiences have taught us that ‘something for every taste’ equals to ‘a lot of waste’. Furthermore, we ourselves eat plant-based food, which means that all cheese and meat leftovers are indeed most of the time just waste. And that’s a shame.

This is why we welcome your upfront breakfast wishes. It would be very much appreciated if you could let us know what you prefer (don’t worry, it’s not carved in stone). ‘Usual’ (that’s with cheese and meat), vegetarian, vegan, … Just write us a short message. Also, don’t forget to mention allergies or intolerances!

Of course, even without knowing your wishes, a full-fledged breakfast with different kinds of sandwich fillings is always provided. Coffee, tea, sugar, milk en soy milk are standard. You’ll also find jam and a series of cereals in the cupboard, even so fruit and nuts, yoghurt and a salad of fresh fruits. Eggs are prepared on the spot and according to your wishes. And, of course, all of this accompanied by fresh bread.

On the second floor is also a guests’ refrigerator, free to be used to keep your own food and drinks cool.

By the way, this room can also be used during the day or evening as a sitting room, to play a board or card game, to make a puzzle, …

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